August 17, 2022 | Goffstown, NH

Eckman Recently Completed our 17th and 18th Saint Anselm College projects:

DAVISON HALL SERVERY | The place where most people go for delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner just got a major makeover. Davison Hall’s serving area went through a complete transformation. All of the fixtures were replaced with new ones to give the space a high-end look and a wood-finished floor was installed which retains the traditional New England feel.

Students will likely be most excited about new food concept stations that will join familiar ones, like the global cuisine-inspired “Fusion” and “Clarity,” which offers menu selections free of major allergens. Joining them this year will be “Homestyles” that will feature classic comfort food dishes as well as “Smoke & Fire.” Combining elements from the Met Grill, “Smoke & Fire” is one of the most significant additions, according to Saint Anselm Dining Services Director Esther Reed. It will have in-house smoked meat sandwich specials. The chef will be facing students behind a glass divider with a whole line of new cooking equipment, and students will also still be able to order omelets there.

“With our new equipment, we are able to move scratch cooking and preparation to the front of the house. Students will get to see our culinarians at work and get to interact with them.” Reed said.

At the deli, a rotisserie oven was brought in behind the counter with meats and vegetables rotating throughout the day. The salad bar will be one big unit that can be accessed from both sides and a custom-built cabinet will house all the desserts. Students can also look forward to a separate toaster for gluten-free items next to the “Clarity” station.

Reed said her team worked with Saint Anselm community members to ensure the renovations at Davison maintained the traditional feel while allowing them to operate more efficiently with up-to-date equipment.

SULLIVAN ARENA LOCKER ROOM RENOVATION | Saint Anselm student-athletes will see numerous improvements at many of the college’s athletics facilities to benefit their pursuit of conference, regional and NCAA championships. To accommodate a growing student population on campus, brand-new locker rooms have been constructed and the existing spaces will be enhanced for most programs.

“As soon as our student-athletes head home for the summer, the work to prepare for next season and beyond begins immediately,” said Director of Athletics Daron Montgomery. “With the help of many on-and-off campus partners, Saint Anselm is able to continually improve upon the experience that it delivers to its student-athletes and fans.”

Excerpt from Saint Anselm College Press Release | 2022-08-17 | By Jason Kolnos

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