September 1, 2022 | West Lebanon, NH

Mount Lebanon Elementary School students were excited as they exited their buses on the first day of school. Construction of the new addition, which had begun earlier in the summer, was occurring just to the right of the bus drop-off, separated by a secure perimeter fence, eliciting wide eyes and big grins.

Work will continue throughout the school year on a new kitchen and multipurpose room at the south end of the building. Later, the nurse’s office will get a makeover to enlarge it and make it handicap-accessible.

“The work will continue through the school year, likely being completed in late spring”, said Jeff Highter, superintendent of Eckman Construction, the project’s general contractor.

Highter said the nature of the construction will allow the work to continue with minimal disruption to learning. The walls and roof will go up this fall with work shifting indoors for the winter.

“We are separating ourselves from them,” Highter said of the schoolgoing population. “A fence will go up between the teachers and kids and us.”

Excerpt from Valley News | 08/27/2022 | By Darren Marcy