At Eckman Construction, we have acquired extensive experience in the role of Construction Manager (CM) in our nearly 50 years of service to Owners in this capacity. As your CM, our broad expertise makes us a valuable part of your project team long before construction begins. Thoughtful analysis and innovation are key elements of our collaborative approach during the important pre-construction phase. Our early participation provides accurate construction cost estimates and ensures that cost-saving opportunities are not overlooked.

During the construction phase, our focus shifts to realizing the goals set in the pre-construction phase. We maintain our role as consultant to the Owner and Architect, while allocating resources to ensure that project milestones continue to be met. Quality and safety receive our highest attention.

Eckman Construction has the skill and depth of resources to manage the unique complexities of your project from conception to completion.  You will find our relentless commitment to quality is what drives our Construction Management Philosophy and sets us apart from the rest.