Project Description

Eckman constructed two new buildings at Pinkerton Academy, with space for several programs within the Center for Career and Technical Education. Eckman also completed the sitework and slab for a third new building which was then constructed by students. Pinkerton is designated as one of 26 regional CTE centers in New Hampshire.

The new 2-story brick building on the school’s quad (The Annex Building) accommodates Architectural Drafting, Electrical, and Natural Sciences programs-including¬† laboratories and a greenhouse. It defines the east side of a central campus quadrangle, located near the site of the former portable classrooms.

The South Building houses the Animal Science and Cosmetology programs. The single-story woodframe structure was designed to fit in with the surrounding buildings, including some private residences near the south edge of Pinkerton’s campus.¬†Additionally, Eckman renovated spaces in the Shepherd Building and the Lowe Building and added a new canopy on the Piper Building as programs were relocated.