Safety is the first thing on our minds when we arrive on the job and it is the last thing we review before we leave for the end of the day. Guaranteeing the safe completion of your project is the important part of Eckman’s responsibilities. Our five-year EMR average is 0.86.

Our decades of experience have contributed to our 6 Steps to Safety program, which is incorporated into all subcontracts. Our safety expectations are clearly established and reinforced through mandatory pre-construction meetings and safety orientations. Safety precautions always start with effective construction separation, daily communication with the Owner, and an understanding that we are your guests. If your facility will remain occupied during a renovation or addition, you can feel confident that it will remain safe.

Eckman’s 6 Steps to Safety

Continuous communication and setting the safety guidelines at the outset of the job sets up the project for a successful journey.
Every employee on our site is mandated by Federal, State and Municipal safety and health regulations. We conduct a rigorous background check for each worker on our site and engage in frequent training to ensure understanding and compliance of our safety program.
Our program is incorporated into all of our subcontracts and is enforced through frequent subcontractor meetings.
No matter the size or scope of their contract, every subcontractor and employee participates in an orientation meeting before they are allowed to begin working.
Prevention is achieved through well-informed workers. That’s why we make a point to meet with subcontractors and employees every week to reiterate our safety expectations.
We require our employees and subcontractors to abide by our Safety Manual, which is always on-site. We also require them to participate in Toolbox Talks to ensure they are up to date on the latest safety trends. Those in violation of any safety requirements will be addressed and continued violators are removed from the job.